What is the Train Challenge? 

Like the city of Paris for the Olympic Games, we are committed to creating a more responsible event by reducing our carbon footprint. We all know that transport accounts for a significant part of our annual carbon footprint. 

So, we are giving you the chance to take part in our Train Challenge competition. The goal is simple: to have the lowest carbon footprint impact. 

Depending on your city of departure, we’ll establish your carbon footprint according to your mode of transport. The lower your carbon footprint, the greater your chance of winning the competition! You can refer to the map below to see the differences between travelling by plane and by train. 

A ranking will be drawn up, and the first 3 people who put in the most effort will be rewarded. We hope that many of you will take part in this ecological challenge!

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Why take the train rather than the plane to come to Paris ?

Here is an example of a journey between Amsterdam and Paris.

As you can see, it is preferable to take the train than the plane in terms of time and price, but also for environmental reasons. 

What’s more, if you travel by train, you’ll arrive right in the center of Paris (Gare du Nord coming from Amsterdam). This makes it easy to connect the heart of the capital with the Gustave Eiffel University via the public transport network. If you travel by plane, as the Paris airports are located outside the city, you’ll need to take a taxi to complete your journey.

*Flight time includes check-in time at the departure airport (approx. 2 hours).
**The price indicated is an average price.